Labour MP and maths whiz Diane Abbott has been confirmed today as the new host of NumberWang!, the daytime TV quiz show. 

Speaking today from her home, Abbott said “I’ve watched the show three or four times, usually on freeview late at night when I’ve been a bit pissed, granted, but I’m a quick study – half an hour reading the rules, half an hour going over the lines, and that’s two and a quarter hours of practice! Also, I’m easily as qualified to host that as I am to talk about any of the Labour manifesto pledges so I fail to see a problem…”

When quizzed again about the her earlier gaffe on the number of actual police officers Labour is pledged to deliver should they be elected she replied;

“Look, the answer now is the same as the answer was then – Twentington! And that’s NumberWang!”.

So it just goes to show…