People bored with ways of describing the gross ineptitude they see around them on a daily basis in work, in the media, in government and politics have been inspired by Warren Beatty’s Oscar winning performance at the Oscar’s last night.

In his most unconvincing role to date, Beatty oozed complete unconfidence as he performed his onstage duet with Faye Dunaway.

The crowd was aghast at the unsubtle nuances of his unconvincing, furtive eye movements and fumbling fingers as he half opened that golden envelope and then gave up to pass the task onto Faye, who’s booming voice sounded out like a cannon over the mic.

Offices across the world today have been given a new lease of life as they express their dismay at colleagues bumbling in the new phrase:

“… couldn’t open an envelope at an Oscars”

Thank you Warren, we owe you one buddy.