European leaders have come together to stress how upset they are that the people of Aleppo have ever so slightly funny coloured skin and foreign accents and therefore not entitled to help from western countries.

Although on first look they are almost white, if you study the people they clearly have a brownish tint to their skin.  Couple that with the fact most voters had never even heard of Aleppo, and it’s a very long way away, then it becomes totally unjustified to intervene and help stop the killings.

A spokesman for the European council told The Rochdale Herald “It’s really a terribly sad situation out there in Syria and seeing the children of Aleppo dying on the streets is shocking. So much so I completely refuse to watch the news while I’m eating my dinner these days. It’s just bad luck these people aren’t somewhere like Paris or even Tenerife, then we would be able to step in but as things stand there really is nothing we can do.”