The University of Life’s School of Law is under investigation today after a study found that 98% of its graduates don’t understand the basic principles of the law.

Chief Inspector Bill Board told us, “The study found that many of the graduates didn’t understand the concept of being in contempt of court. Even after the whole concept had been explained very slowly by a judge. 75% of respondents didn’t seem to understand that if a person pleads guilty to a charge then they are saying that they did it. Worryingly, 40% thought that the law in Britain was derived from Sharia law despite being unable to point to the Parliamentary Act that introduced it.”

The finding comes as a blow to the University which was already under fire. A study earlier in the year showed that many of its graduates have the same understanding of the UK’s constitution as Donald Trump does of the US constitution.

Bill Board told us, “I’ve been to some of the lectures and educationally you may as well give an advanced computer to a chimp. They all seemed to get their information from YouTube. Even when you pointed out that most of what they were saying was demonstrably false they just insisted that it was the will of the people that it be true and left it at that.”

For their part the University of Life said that they are unable to improve as their students are being inadequately prepared by the School of Hard Knocks. Bill Board was able to confirm that Ofsted had been contacted and would be visiting that establishment very soon.