Independent research carried out by a team of so-called “experts” has backed up a comment made by the Brexit Secretary today.

David “What Am I Doing?” Davis reassured the public that a post-Brexit Britain will not resemble a “Mad Max style world,” despite every effort made to achieve it. Researchers at the University of Common Sense have backed up this claim noting that the characters in the Mad Max movie franchise are clearly able to afford cars, a luxury that will likely be unobtainable in years to come.

In an interview with the Rochdale Herald, head researcher Dr. Steve Dickinson told us, “While we aren’t ruling out gangs of dangerous savages, cannibalism and battles to the death inside some kind of ‘Thunderdome,’ the notion that people will have cars and fuel readily available at affordable prices in Brexit Britain is complete fantasy. If anything it will likely be much closer to the world portrayed in Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’.”

Vocal Brexit supporter and part time gammon joint, Wayne Knuckle, has disputed the claims calling the report “more nonsense from the Remoaners.”

He went on to say, “I for one will fully embrace whatever our free, sovereign nation of Great Britain has to offer after we get out of this EU headlock.

“As far as I’m concerned Mad Max is a good film and one I have no problem being in. I’ve even started building one of those little pedal helicopter things that the bloke from the second film has. You know the one I mean. His skinny mate in Mad Max 2 with the Biggles hat. The point is everything is fine if you prepare well. Besides it won’t be completely like Mad Max anyway because that’s full of Aussies and they won’t be allowed here when we take our country back.”

David Davis has since promised to continue using film analogies to explain the complicated Brexit process. The current situation has been described by many as ‘The Producers phase’.

The Mel Brooks classic depicts a scenario where a group of greedy money grabbers disregard public interest and orchestrate something they know will be terrible for their own personal gain.