The BBC have released what are being termed as, “shocking” photographs of Sun newspaper journalists committing acts of journalism and accurate reporting.

Stan Still said, “You can clearly see them fact checking and ensuring their reporting is accurate. At one point one of them even questions whether try they should run something because one of the quotes may not be properly attributable.”

One media expert told us, “I think Rupert Murdoch will find these scenes shocking. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when someone has to break it to him that one of his journalists has reported something accurately. It’s a real departure from their usual practice.”

Sun reader Bill Board said, “I’m shaken by this. You’d expect this of the International Herald Tribune or a paper like that. I read The Sun for the footy and Dear Deirdre. Some of my friends expect some inaccurate news stories. If you ask me they’ve shot themselves in the foot. Nobody cares about facts and integrity. This could be worse than when they got rid of page 3”

It’s understood that other newspapers may follow suit. The Daily Express have threatened to not report apocalyptic weather, Princess Diana conspiracy theories or Madelaine McCann stories.

One visibly shaken Express reader said, “I was shocked. I thought global warming was a con and everything would be 41 Fahrenheit warmer if Diana were still alive. Next thing they’ll be saying Brexit might not be a good idea

A spokesman for the Daily Mail sent shock waves through the industry after saying that his paper may stop reporting everything in terms of house prices.