A crackdown today on Russian fake pro-Brexit social media profiles by Facebook and other social media platforms has left only 200 Nigel Farage accounts open.

The unprecedented move was a result of the discovery that most GOP pro-Trump profile accounts active in the USA are actually just one teenager operating out of Crimea and suspected of being in the pay of the Russian government.

“We decided to look at accounts in Europe too once we realised just how out of control the USA social media scene was,” Mrs Mocial Sedia told the Herald’s Social Media correspondent. “It is reassuring in a way. If so many tens of millions of people were actively and compulsively fighting the corner of Donald Trump every day online, well, you’ve have to wonder about the future of America.”

And it seems similar reassurance is available now for people in the United Kingdom who have been left wondering where all the people unable to understand that everything the Daily Mail claims is as truthful as the Express and Sun.

“I feel much better personally,” Mrs Sedia added, “Can you imagine if all the accounts trolling Open Britain and other pro-EU pages with such deep insight as ‘tack bak are cuntry’ and ‘EU is a tyranny but a westminster government attempting to use Tudor powers to evade scrutiny is just what you’d expect from the mutha of democracies’ were actually living, breathing human beings who believed what they were writing, and not some frustrated virgin in the pay of a foreign power that just wishes we could all do the cold war again in the hope of a different result? It would be a little bit worrying, to say the least.”

Asked for comment Mr Farage replied he was too busy working out at which point in the future he would convert his euro savings into pounds and buy himself a lordship.