A Rochdale homeopathy shop has been forced to close this week after it was discovered to be selling vegan snake oil containing old wives tails.

Moonbeam Charlatan, 45, owner of the popular Never Better “alternative pharmacy” has expressed her surprise and sadness at having to close the doors for good.

Ms Charlatan told the Herald, “I am shocked and appalled, as I’m sure my customers are and have every right to be. I was ensured by my suppliers that the snake oil contained entirely synthetic snake made from a selection of natural plant based ingredients. Knowing I have unintentionally fed my customers the tail of an old wife is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.”

The product was laboratory tested after the company received multiple complaints. It was found to contain large quantities of old wife tail, a standard ingredient in homeopathy but one not suitable for vegans.

Never Better had seen an increase of business in recent years with more and more people choosing to opt for alternative medicines. As well as various flavours of snake oil, including “Goji Berry & Pixie Smiles” and “Elderflower & Unicorn Whispers,” products such as Anti-Autism Leaves and I Can’t Believe Its Not A Medically Recommended Vaccination have become hugely popular amongst the easily led middle classes.

Customers began complaining about the contaminated product last week with many taking to social media outlets to express their concerns.

RainbowChild87 tweeted the company, “Usually really love your vegan snake oil but this time it tastes like total bullshit.”

While Ms Charlatan says the future of her business is unclear, her hopes are to continue selling her wares at local craft markets, yoga retreats and other places where common sense is regularly replaced by a wide-eyed sense of wonderment.