A group of mental health experts have released a statement urging Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to start using his real name.

The experts claim that demand on the country’s overworked mental health services would lessen to the point where it will not be necessary to train twenty one thousand additional workers for the sector if Mr Hunt would take this one simple step.

“It really would be a game changer in the treatment of a whole raft of illnesses.” Dr Verity Veritas advises.

“Imagine if you could call that overbearing parent a proper Jeremy Hunt to their face? And you could do it all your life? Just get that stress out before it builds into an illness that blights your life.”

Complementary therapists have surprisingly backed the call too.

“We use his real name in our primal scream regression therapy sessions already.” Wanderlust Starhealer affirmed.

“I regress people back to the point of birth and by use of the power of suggestion have them reborn screaming his name. I’ve successfully healed dozens of layabout, welfare cheating junkies with this therapy. Most are now highly functioning sociopaths running multinational fossil fuel companies crusading against renewable energies in favour of short term balance sheet interests for themselves. It’s amazing what being able to say his name properly can do for people.”

The inability to express deep seated frustrations in a way that would be understood and accepted by close family and peers generally would alleviate stress to the degree that most afflicted by nervous disorders especially could deal with the rest of their symptoms on their own.

Most likely by drinking themselves to sleep each night like healthier people.