High Street favourite Boots has been in hot water lately over the row which arose from the response regarding the morning after pill.

The situation has caused outrage among shoppers, who claim that they are over-charging for the contraceptives, which are available at rival stores for much less. Customers have been left wondering why the company seem to be so out-of-touch with their needs.

The response by Boots’ marketing and communication departments has been surprisingly blasé to begin with, although they have since attempted to backtrack. The Rochdale Herald can exclusively reveal that the retail giant has been working under false pretences, secretly battling for the working person.

This, very left-wing approach, has come as a shock to many, who did not see Boots as a cog in the communist machine. A PR representative for the pharmacy chain states that they are to emerge as “guardians of the people” and that they shall “destroy elitism, through their own economics”.

They have drawn support from left-wing parties, as well as the expected criticism from the right, including the current leaders. A Conservative spokesperson has said that; “the pills are really very affordable. There is no reason for the public not to purchase them”. The Herald informed them that they are actually quite expensive and people simply cannot afford them.

The Tory rep responded; “well they should cut back on non-essentials, like nappies and tampons”. Boots are actively seeking alternative methods to continue the fight against the bourgeois, handing out free Guy Fawkes masks with every purchase of own-brand, or reduced price products.