Shedloads of stressed-out British nurses are leaving the profession because they are fed up with their working conditions and marginally better than national average pay, according to the Rochdale Nursing Council.   

“Since hospitals have cut back on overseas recruitment of nurses our home-grown nurses have had to pick up the slack and provide care for patients, when previously we had loads of phillipinos and Eastern Europeans to do the dirty work, said FlorenceGripingale, chief executive of the RNC.

Nurse Gripingale said that ever since the Tory-scum Health Secretary demanded that overseas nurses be required to pass an English language exam foreign nurse numbers have been falling.

“Now our girls are actually having to wipe bottoms and clean the bedsores of people who have been lying in their urine soaked sheets for hours on end. It’s very depressing really,” she said.

She said our girls have university degrees in nursing and master’s degrees in IT and Human Resources and now here they are actually having to give hands on care to sick people.

“It’s no wonder so many are leaving, you never know what you might catch,” she said.        “Those little Asian girls seemed to be resistant to every sort of disease. It seems a shame we had to send them all home because they couldn’t speak English.”

Nurse Gripingale says it is an exaggeration that there were large numbers of medical errors because of language barriers.

“Our girls are very good at supervising and making sure the foreigners give the right medications to the right patients.”

Now when mistakes are made it’s the British nurses who get the blame even though we only get paid enough to afford all- inclusive holidays in places like Magaluf and Majorca.   ” Labour was in government when we signed up and we expected to be holidaying in 5 star Villas with private pools in Puerto Banus,”

“The only pools now are pools of vomit.”

“No wonder our girls are stressed out and sick of sick people.”