Thousands of smokers, who trusted NHS Smoking Cessation Therapies, were expressing their outrage this morning.

The smouldering tempers result from the revelation that up to fifteen thousand children have been prescribed e-cigs, or vaping inhalers, instead of asthma inhalers. And the same number of smokers mistakenly prescribed asthma treatment.

“I know now why I’ve been so bloody angry for the last fortnight.” Mr. Choo Chain commented, just before dropping the useless asthma inhaler and crushing it with his boot heel.

“Two weeks of my life wasted. I could have quit smoking by now!”

The scandal results from the budget squeeze currently experienced by all NHS trusts.

A materials purchasing analyst, working for a trust that has requested anonymity until the problem has been corrected, found a special offer from an unnamed pharmaceutical company during a google search for cheaper medical suppliers.

The analyst decided ‘buy one asthma inhaler and receive one e-cig free’ was too good to pass up on. He wrote a report suggesting as much for the trust.

The report was acted on swiftly.

GP Surgery Stop Smoking nurses are attempting to contact the affected individuals today to arrange to exchange the incorrectly issued devices.

But the task maybe harder than it appears at face value.

Sam C, an eight year old suspected asthma sufferer from Kennington in south London, who attends Maple Lane Infants School, but who can not be fully named to protect his identity, had this to say on the scandal,

“I was given this vaping machine. I didn’t nick it. For real life. The doctor said it was a precaution. I can’t take it out of my mouth. It’s amaze balls great! You’re not getting this off me no way. I just wish the battery lasted longer.”