The audience at Rochdale’s Junkie Bros Circus certainly got more than they bargained for last night when Farage entered the ring. In a bizarre twist, a nervous looking Farage daringly rode a unicycle along a tightrope whilst juggling three penguins. It was of course all part of what was a magnificent show pulled off by Falange’s very own Ringmaster Lance Bleuballs.

More comfortable in his day to day role as a clown, Farage isn’t known for his acrobatic skills but he wowed the crowd with a variety of show stopping tricks. Crankflips and donkey hicks, inward flips and footplanks. Farage certainly packed in some seriously stylish moves and grooves during his set. He wore his special red nose and a water spraying flower for the event and the kids went wild as he swung from the tightrope like Tarzan on acid.

Rumours are now circling Westminster that popular clown Boris Johnson has been polishing off his stilts in preparation for the next Junkie Bros tour.