It appears that politics will see a tornado of excitement and enthusiasm as Jeremy Corbyn is planning to bring in the current Arsenal manager to boost his election team.

Despite the full backing of Arsenal supporters, it appears that Arsene Wenger has sensed some hostility towards him and decided it’s time to move on. As Arsenal’s season is over he could move on now but will see out this season then straight into a charisma offensive with the equally effervescent Corbyn.

Arsenal supporters representative Gooner Stubbs told The Rochdale Herald;

“It’s a mystery why Arsene is going to leave, he must have had seen an omen, well about ten thousand signs at each match. He doesn’t normally see anything during a game. But it’s a good move for him to join Corbyn’s team. Now Wenger is on board, Labour will be destined for fourth place. Plus it would piss Piers Morgan off big time and that’s always good to see. Let’s see what tricks Wenger has up the sleeves of that big coat he can’t fasten up.”