In a desperate attempt to justify religious persecution, a foaming bigot from Croydon has declared that Islam is a lifestyle choice and therefore fair game for criticism… and by criticism he means accusing all Muslims of paedophilia and child grooming who should all, to a man, be deported, or worse.

EDL fan and keyboard-warrior-with-a-knight-for-a-profile-pic, Ray Cyst, began his tirade on Facebook;

“They chose to follow the ideology of a warmongering psychopath!”

despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful law-abiding citizens who just want to go about their lives like all other normal people.

On a bacon roll and a bottle of cider, he then half barked, half spat;

“I’m not racist! What race is Islam? Islam isn’t a race it’s a religion!”

and by confirming his advocation of the equally illegal religious persecution, completely missed the moral point.

To clarify his un-racist standpoint, under a photo showing solely British born Muslims, he stabbed the following into his keyboard,


shattering the caps-lock key and leaving it in permanent uppercase mode.

Under a picture of immigrants of undisclosed religious affiliation he bellowed;


Finally in a hate overloaded meltdown, it is thought that Ray may have gone offline in a violent hardware smashing explosion of physical violence.

Looks like Ray needs a new computer. We suggest PC World Ray.