Rory McIlroy, who plays golf with a man who openly questioned Hilary Clinton’s ability to sexually satisfy her husband, has continued his criticism of Muirfield despite the club voting to admit women members.

“I still think that it got to this stage is horrendous,” said the golf buddy of a man who asked an interviewer if “she was menstruating” when “the bimbo” asked him questions he didn’t like.

“We’ll go back and play the Open because they’ll let women members in, but they should have grabbed this by the pussy a long time ago” he might have said

“I mean, in this day and age, where you’ve got babes doing boss jobs in certain industries – mainly catering – and chicks that are heads of State – admittedly stone-faced Sheilas like Merkel – but not be able to join a golf course – I mean, it’s obscene.” said the man who tees-off with someone who admitted that he would date his own daughter.

“It’s ridiculous. Who wants to play at a course with no eye-candy?

“So anyway, we’ll go back there for the Open Championship at some point and but I won’t be be bringing “The bag for life” with me…she and the kids deserve more respect than that.