On the 11th of February, the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York began a live feed from the inside of a Giraffe pen.

‘April’ the 15 year old Giraffe was believed to be in the final stage of pregnancy and the anticipation of viewing the majestic animal giving birth live, has drawn in the attention of thousands of people with very little responsibility or social life across the world.

However at 10:35 this morning after 20 days of labour it turns out April had actually been constipated and bloated for months. Viewers of the live feed were horrified to watch several gallons of faeces sprayed 8 yards across the pen.

A spokesman from the Animal Adventure Park gave the following statement:

“To all the anticipant viewers around the world we can only apologize. Tim, or giraffe keeper made a colossal mistake misdiagnosing April’s condition.”

A stream of Tim having to clean the pen with a tooth brush is expected to go live within the next few hours.