Snooker player Judd Trump has announced that he is to change his name by deed poll following a series of incidents whereby people saw his surname and associated him with SCROTUS Donald Trump.

“It’s been awful,” he told the assembled reporters. “It’s like when people have a go at paediatricians when they are rallying against paedophiles.”

The sports star went on to state categorically that he had nothing to do with his more notorious namesake.

“I don’t agree with his policies or his attitudes,” he said. “He’s vile. But because I share his surname, people think I must be just like him, when I’m really not.”

He has the full support of fellow snooker professional John Higgins, who, skills on the baize apart, is nothing like his late namesake Alex Higgins. “I can imagine how awful it must be,” he said. “I didn’t mind being compared to Alex so much, at least he had his good side as well as his bad side. But I can see how awful it must be for Judd to be associated with someone like that.”

When asked what he wants to change his surname to, Judd replied, “I haven’t decided yet. Definitely something less controversial though, I was thinking maybe Hitler.”

Whatever he picks, we wish him every success.