After the high profile withdrawals of many A-List celebrities, and the frankly embarrassing refusal of a string of tribute acts & pub singers, Donald Trump has turned to Dave’s 80’s Fun House Mobile Disco for his inauguration.

Dave, 44 from Middleton, said “Yo-yo-yo, what’s up, what’s happening? We’ll be with you all night long spinning the platters that matter. Playing the soundtrack to your summer we be rocking the greaties from the 80’s before taking it nice and slow into the witching hour…Shabbah!”

Dave has had to set off already as it is a long drive in his Mondeo Estate but he did insist on £150 cash in hand as the gig goes over into a Sunday. Also a rider of 4 pints of Strongbow and a chicken curry with half rice/half chips.

Trump tweeted “Hired British DJ David Guetta – gonna be best inauguration ever”.