Overseas aid charity, Feed the World, has launched a campaign to collect everyone’s unwanted Christmas ‘treats’ and send them to Syria and other war-torn countries.

“Coffee creams, orange ones and them God awful strawberry ones, you name it, we want them!” Said Verity Du Goodyear, the charity’s founder.

“Millions of these chocolates just sit in tins all around the country until March when the tins are re-purposed as sewing kits and choccies are chucked. It’s such a waste.”

So far an estimated 3 million toffee pennies have been donated along with 2 million toffee fingers and 4 million boxes of Black Magic. The aid packs have not gone down as well as expected however.

Abdul Haq, a refugee from Aleppo said “It’s an insult. I’d rather starve than break my teeth on that crap. No one wants them for a reason!”

He continued “These people have lost love ones, their homes, everything and Feed the World wants to send them other people’s unwanted shite? Toffee fucking pennies, what are they supposed to do with them? Try and spend them on real food or start building houses out of them? It’s a disgrace.”