Since the negative publicity surrounding “hoax news” networks, aka SATIRICAL FACEBOOK PAGES, much of their activity has been curtailed by certain leading executives of the social networking provider. 

Many of the public sites have been closed down and others have taken to self censorship.
Consequently there is now a disconnected worldwide glut of lone satirists whose only skills are writing online sarcastic stories, with no public outlet for their creative energies. 

Many have now resorted to communicating secretly in “satire-ese”, the punchy, eye grabbing, bullet point, concise way of communicating frivolous japey headlines. Private sites have been set up, with culturally impoverished loners pouring out their hearts to other disconnected nodes in a once great empire of piss-taking.

All that remains is the real news of the likes of the Sun, Daily Mail, Breitbart, Flat Earthers Society and Britain First, to inform us in a drab, boring way of real news events. The world will indeed be a poorer place without made-up news and facts permeating the interweb.

Rest in peace dear satirists.