Following the news that the owner of everyone’s favourite dog and Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg has called to investigate fake news sites and exercise stricter controls. 

A leading journalist has echoed this call stating that these sites have forced reputable news journalists to come down to the same level.

Former News Of The World reporter, James Dodger, sent a letter to the Rochdale Herald in which he shared his thoughts on the current state of journalism today.

“All this fake reporting is affecting real professionals and is causing them to lower their standards. Why can’t we just stop inventing stories and go back to the tried and trusted methods of true journalism, like hacking people’s mobile phones and illegally obtaining information on people’s private life?”

He went on to say that the methods of so called fake news sites were seeping in to great publications.

“Having seen what’s possible, once respected papers are now using the same techniques and making politicians do the moonwalk when they are just navigating an icy patch at the bottom of their path”.

 Mr Dodger ended the letter with an apology for not calling or emailing stating “absolutely anybody could be listening in.”