After the shock of winning the popularity contest “President Factor”, President elect Trump has now talked about his next career move. We asked him about it over Skype, he told us:

“I’m now on the A+++ list, I did goodly, I did well, I knew I’d do well. Didn’t I tell you I’d do well? I knew I’d beat that Killary, she had no bluster, her stories were so so bad, boy were her stories bad, she had bad, bad stories folks.

Now I’m the top of my game I’m announcing I’ll be a contestant on the next Strictly Ballroom. I’m a good dancer, I’m a great dancer, did you know I was a fantastic dancer? They pair with you with some fantastic ladies in that show, some great ladies, some beautiful, beautiful ladies, they find me irresistible you know, they can’t say no when the Trumpinator President erect is all over them, can’t say no folks. ”

Steering back to the presidency we asked him whether he’d be building a wall or deporting 11 million Mexicans as promised.

“Those were just words, words. Words don’t mean anything. The main point is I won the show, and boy did I win the show. Did you see how I won the show?”

We pointed he’d now be obligated to fulfil his promised duties ; appointing 1000 staff, bringing the people together, running the country.

“You guys can sort that out, I’m off to show my face, meet some ladies, I won the show, so you can sort that out, you’re hired, I’m personally hiring you. I met a guy called Nigel, great guy, fantastic guy, brilliant guy. He’s gonna take care of stuff, look after my golf course. Great guy.”

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