Rochdale couch tuber, Archibald Taggart, has hidden himself away behind a fort made entirely of his Friends and Seinfeld video and DVD box sets, and is refusing to come out.

“There wasn’t a single white person in Luke Cage,” says a banner made by Taggart which is taped to his video fort, “I won’t come out until this racism ends!”

His mother, Mavis Modder-Taggart, says that her son refuses to listen to reason:

“I explained that there were actually three or four white people in it, and it’s set in frigging Harlem not Heywood,” she said, tearfully, “but he just yelled something about SJWs and political correctness. I don’t know what happened to the fat loser; he used to watch the Cosby Show without complaint.”

The bullet-proof Luke Cage character is a black superhero with amazing strength and durability who comes from Harlem, and has formed part of the Marvel universe for four decades without causing offence. Until now.

“We’re assuming that the little racist twerp has spent far too much time in internet echo chambers,” said a Rochdale Police Community Support Officer, “We expect that once it rains and his box sets and the cheap Trilby that he refers to as his fedora get wet, he’ll take his protest back inside, and onto YouTube comment threads.”

Rain is forecast this afternoon.

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