Dog lovers and animal rights activists around the country are said to be outraged and disgusted after the editor of The Daily Mail reportedly bit the head off a Labrador puppy during an editorial meeting, for a dare.

The incident allegendly occurred during the meeting in which columnist Tess Stimpson, the amateur pornographer and crap novelist, boasted about berating a disabled child for having a fit in a restaurant.

The adulteress Tess Stimpson, who once wrote a lurid column about cheating on her second husband for The Daily Mail, apparently verbally assaulted a disabled child in a wheelchair in a restaurant and started a public fight with his mother.

What doomed the puppy to a grisly disembowelling was her confession to “feeling a bit guilty” when she spotted the child was in a wheelchair, to which Paul Dacre supposedly responded “So fucking what? Tess, you soft shit! There’s too many of these fucking flids around. Coming over here and nicking all the good parking spots. I’m glad you told the little spacker where to go. He should fuck off back where he came from. Write a feature about it, 3,000 words. I dare you!”

We are told Tess said “You did hear me when I said the child was in a wheelchair and severely disabled? It would be like kicking a puppy Paul.”

At which point Paul picked up a golden Labrador puppy and bit off her head exclaiming “I eat puppies for breakfast Tess, write it or you’re next!”

This was the fourteenth puppy Paul has allegedly eaten since the Brexit referendum.