The Sun on Sunday leads with a report that Jeremy Corbyn was seen at the same hotel as someone vaguely related to someone who once walked past the aunt of a woman who once met the brother of a man who once sat next to a terrorist’s neighbour. According to a source inside the hotel. 

The Mail on Sunday is covering the secret benefits scam that means Muslim migrants in Calais are running the BBC licencing department to fund ISIS. 

The Daily Star reports that Niburu- planet X- is heading towards us and it’s an ISIS plot with Jeremy Corbyn. 

The Observer says that Owen Smith has never been caught lying about trains. And he’s going to give everyone a signed puppy.

The Sunday Express reveals the psychic who was told by the spirit of Diana, the Queen of our hearts, England’s rose, to vote leave in the EU referendum.

The Mirror goes with X Factor candidate kept from voting by Labour NEC in anti-Corbyn conspiracy.

The Independent has shitloads of dodgy adverts and a couple of completely inaccurate junk science pieces.

And the Morning Star finds that climate change is an act of Tory class warfare.