The World Wide Web is sulking after Facebook got its birthday wrong. 

Facebook flooded feeds with celebratory posts on the 23rd of August claiming the Web was 25 years old on that date.

“Bollocks! ” the WWW told us this morning, “If anything I’m 27 years old not 25 as it was 27 years ago that my mum, Tim Berners-Lee, gave birth to me!”

Facebook immediately sent an apology for the age screw up and said it was referring instead to the date the Web became publically available. 

“Still bollocks,” insisted Web, “It was 6th August not 23rd! I remembered Facebook’s birthday but it can’t be bothered to even check when mine is. It clearly believes any old toss it reads on itself!”

“We might have confused the Web’s age with Linux,” admitted Facebook, “We have got that one right.”

“Since when have you given a shit about that?” said Tux the Linux penguin, “You’re too busy licking Windows’ arse!”