Four states in America have stopped giving away free assault rifles with every Happy Meal deal as a direct response to KFC banning knives in boxes of chicken in the UK.

Denver West McDonald’s Store Manager, Troy Storey, told us yesterday, “We are very concerned with gun crime in Denver, particularly amongst young people. We decided to remove the assault rifle from the kids meal deal option.”

“Obviously we had to replace it, so we went with a less powerful Glock handgun. At first the kids were a little disappointed, but I showed them the damage that the Glock can deliver when I shoot the hell out of a McFlurry and they were soon won around. Little scamps.”

“We are still offering the usual promo incentives on our other products. We still got the AR16 with every Supersized purchase. We got an anti-aircraft gun with every family meal and you can still obviously get 10 free bullets with every packet of fries.”

“It just feels good to put something back into the community and protect the lives of our kids.”

Other fast food outlets are quickly following suit. Pizza hut are no longer supplying hand grenades as a pizza topping and you can no longer get a Smith and Wesson with the footlong deal at Subway.