MP for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, has been forcibly removed from a branch of Laser Quest in Coventry for reportedly trying to join numerous children’s parties.

Mr Umunna was spotted helping himself to caterpillar cake and aggressively attempting to “out-sing” a group of children in a chorus of Happy Birthday.

Assistant supervisor, Martin Mitchum, told the Herald, “I approached him after the first incident and issued him a verbal warning but he immediately attempted to join another party. It’s like he thought we wouldn’t notice a forty year old man wearing a suit under his Laser Proton Receiver Pack. I think he actually thought he belonged there.”

After being removed from the venue Mr Umunna was overheard shouting that he “didn’t care anyway” and that he would “just join the Lib Dems.”

A recent survey of children’s entertainers found Chuka Umunna has appeared at more parties than the average magician, significantly overtaking clowns.