Pint sized, shouty, hater of brown people, Steven Yaxley-Lennon, better known by one of his dozen names ‘Tommy Robinson’ presumably to sound more British and working class, claimed a free McDonalds milkshake today whilst campaigning in Warrington.

The milkshake had nothing to do with the current and popular McDonald’s Monopoly deals, but rather was a result of a discussion with a Warrington local.  For legal and safety reasons we will not give this individual’s name but instead will call him Mr Enormous Balls.

Mr Enormous Balls gifted his milkshake straight into Mr. Waxey-Lemon’s shouty face-hole, covering the attention seeker and MEP hopeful in thick, Strawberry flavoured, milk.

Mr. Gobinson, instead of thanking Mr Enormous Balls for the charitable refreshment, proceeded to throw a series of wild, tiny-armed punches, described by a witness as “like an angry T-rex”.

The surrounding crowd quickly intervened and separated the two, with a mix of cheering and cries of “Leave it Tommeh eys not worf it”.

Mr Enormous Balls was unavailable for a statement, as he was quickly whisked up onto the shoulders of the crowd and carried straight to the Warrington Town Hall, in order to be given the Keys to the Town by the Mayor and enough Hi-5s to dislocate an ordinary mortal’s arm.

Mr Yobinson was available for a statement, but nobody who works for a living really gives a toss what he has to say.

Either way, Mr Cacky-Felon has been given a clear message and should take his own advice and “go back to where he came from.”