The writers behind the hit show, Brexit say they’ve no idea how to end the show and there are fears it could turn into Lost.

The show depicts what happens to the inhabitants of an island as their leader, Theresa attempts to negotiate leaving Europa. In the show, the islanders are split into two main areas, Remoanopolis and Gamonopolis with both sides becoming more and more divided.

Viewer Bill Board told us, “It was really gripping a few months ago. You had the vote on her leadership and the whole meaningful vote defeat thing. Then, there was the first extension. But last nights season finale was a bit trite. You kind of knew she was going to get another extension. What they should have done is had that Macron bloke to tell her they weren’t going to grant it after the meal. They could have done a 2 parter where she has to go back home and either revoke Article 50 or deploy the army.”

Bill went on, “I think the recent episodes have been a bit patchy with some pretty unbelievable characters. That Mark Francois bloke for instance. Who the hell talks like that? I could take it when he stood up in front of that crowd and read the Judi Dench poem from Skyfall because he thinks that’s what intelligent people do. It was just about believable. But then he made that speech in Parliament where he just stood and listed the titles of biographies of Adolf Hitler.”

Some critics have suggested that a replacement for Theresa may be needed to progress the story. Stan Still told us, “There’s kind of a dynamic there where all the people who might replace her are King Joffrey from Game of Thrones so you could do something with that. Or, there’s always a Neighbours style head change where the character goes on holiday and comes back played by a totally different actor but everyone just doesn’t notice the difference. A bit like when Lucy Robinson went away and came back being played by Kathy Freeman. You could do that but get that bloke that plays the Jeremy character to play her instead. Nobody would notice the difference other than the beard but they could do a subplot about the difficulties faced by a trans politician in a cis society.”

There was however, once aspect of the plot many viewers enjoyed. Bill told us, “That fat bloke from Stoke who is always running away from that invisible predator but never succeeds in losing weight. That was really good how he came to realise that the predator was actually the Lisbon Treaty and he tried to warn people about it but they couldn’t see it. I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.”

Elsewhere on the island, last nights episode saw the inhabitants of Gamonopolis turn against the Queen and their leader, Jacob demand a new Jacobite Monarch. “That was very clever” said Stan Still.

Many viewers were left baffled by the 20 minute accordion rendering of, The Final Countdown played by a clearly tipsy Jean-Claude Junker. One viewer said, “That was obviously a reference to Churchill but I still really don’t understand why it had to be so long.”

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