Jeremy Corbyn has been awarded the prestigious Empty Suit award.

The ceremony took place in London last night and as tradition dictates Mr Corbyn wasn’t there to accept the award.

Instead, a spokesperson said, “This rounds off what has been a brilliant month for Jeremy. Last week he learned he’d won the prestigious Jeremy Corbyn award for best personifying Jeremy Corbyn awarded by the Jeremy’s Choice wing of the Jeremy Fan Club which is in no way associated with Momentum.”

An award official told us, “The Empty Suit is a very prestigious award. Previous winners have included Dimitri Medvedev when he was President of Russia from 2008 – 2012. Dr Andrew Wakefield was another worthy winner as was David Avocado Wolf. David Davis has won it 5 times.”

It’s understood that Mr Corbyn fought off stiff competition for the award. He beat off David Davis, Dominic Raaaaaab and Theresa May to win it.

The award official told us, “What this shows is that Jeremy is a genuine political leader. That’s demonstrated by his history of supporting homeopathy being made available on the NHS. Examples like this demonstrated just what a first rate mind he has. He doesn’t make knee-jerk reactions. He likes to sit on the fence until it’s almost too late and then make the wrong decision. He’s thoroughly deserving of an Empty Suit.”

In October Mr Corbyn received the Saddam Hussein Foundation Peace Prize.

A Corbyn Fan Club (CFC) leader told the Herald, “The Tory media say that Corbyn hasn’t achieved anything. If he’s achieved nothing why did he win a peace prize?
Because he has brought peace. Do you know what peace is?
It’s when people stop fighting each other.”

“People don’t want to acknowledge that Jeremy has brought world peace because it’s not part of the agenda. The Tory media needs to be closed down and everyone who works in it bayonetted. It’s what Jesus Jeremy wants.”

Mr Corbyn was unavailable for comment today as he was busy catching up on Countdown. Apparently it’s the battle of the octochamps.