Great British Bake Off viewers have been taking to social media tonight in anger after Paul Hollywood offered contestant Manon Lagreve an iced finger.

Bernadette Board said, “It had been a lovely episode. They’d just completed the technical challenge and then he asked if she fancied an iced finger. I was shocked because it was well before the watershed. There could be children watching.”

Bernadette’s husband Bill said, “I was sat eating my tea when I looked up and there’s Hollywood waving his iced finger around. It’s not really what you want on sausage and mash night. My Cumberland sausage turned to ashes in my mouth.”

Sarah Still said, “I was sat having a nice cup of tea with my dogs. Then he starts with his iced finger. My Spaniels haven’t stopped howling since. I don’t think they’ll ever get over this.”

The furore is the biggest since Mary Berry’s roast dinner special which infamously featured a 15 minute segment on the best technique for lubricating a dry bird. Something Bake Off producers are considering for the next series.