It’s being dubbed as the greatest U2 concert ever by people who bought tickets but can’t work out why.

U2 played Berlin last night and had the audience in raptures as the show was ended prematurely due to Bono losing his voice. The band had just finished singing Red Flag Day when Bono lost his voice.

A statement by the band said it was due to smoke machines affecting his voice. This has led to smoke machine factories all across Europe being inundated with orders from various European cities who are set to host U2 on their ongoing European tour.

One fan, Bill Board told us, “He attempted to sing Beautiful Day and couldn’t go on. I’d never realised it before but U2’s music is really boring. I’d bought the tickets on the strength of hearing them on an advert I think. I was overjoyed when it ended as I could get my money back.”

Another told us, “I’d just paid a kidney for a pint and a hot dog when it ended. To be honest I wasn’t too put out about it. I was more disappointed when he said he’d be back in 30 minutes.”

It’s understood that the success of the concert has led to calls for Coldplay to try something similar. One fan told us, “Imagine if Chris Martin couldn’t go on. That would probably improve their concerts no end. They should definitely try it.”