UKIP’s leader, Vladimir Putin has called on Theresa May to call a General Election to ensure a Government is elected that will push Brexit through.

The President of the United States took time out from his busy schedule preparing to meet reality TV start Donald Trump next week to call for Mrs May to resign and for a new election to be held.

Speaking on Gazprom TV which is entirely independent and in no way a mouth piece for the Russian Government Mr Putin said, “The will of the British people is being ignored. The highest turnout for any democratic vote ever is being ignored. This is wrong. The British Government do not understand democracy. The Prime Minister should resign and call a General Election so that Brexit can be enacted.”

Mr Putin went on, “The British nation should take back control of its borders and its laws. It should also not worry about weakened currency and jobs. That will soon reverse once the EU has been fatally weakened and America has pulled out of NATO to bomb Venezuela. Once this has happened then Britain will be stronger although, not as strong as Russia which will once again dominate Eastern and Central Europe.”

UKIP voter Cliff Edge told us, “My enemies enemy is my friend. Putin hates the EU and so do I so I’m with Putin on this one.

We want Brexit now!

I’m sure he’ll give us a better deal than the EU anyway. The remoaning traitors should all be killed which Mr Putin would actually have the balls to do. He’s the best Prime Minister the country never had.”