2 Russians who are suspected to have poisoned Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal have told Russia Today that they always go on holiday and visit random housing estates.

Despite always having the excuse that he got lost Ruslan Borishov to Russia Today, “We knew we wanted to see some proper English housing estates and we’d been told the Salisbury has a great one. It even has Russian speaking residents you can go and talk to. So we booked a 6000 mile round trip to spend 2 days visiting the Salisbury housing estate.”

Borishov went on to reveal, “We were also interested in riding on the English railway network so we booked a hotel in London and travelled there twice. To be honest, we thought the service was a bit rubbish as there was a limited selection on the buffet trolley.”

It’s understood that the pair also planned to visit Salisbury Cathedral but were unable to find it as it isn’t very prominent. Another issue they found they had was that the weather was bad.

Boris, “There was a lot of snow around. Being from Russia we aren’t used to snow so we thought we’d better turn back and go to the hotel. Looking back, it probably wasn’t rise to book a trip in March. Perhaps we should have booked one for May when there would have been less likelihood of snow.”

The interview has been held up as proof that they were right all along for people who haven’t accepted the Governments version of events. One told us, “If you believe what the Government says you want your head looking at. It’s clearly rubbish. Those 2 innocent men clearly have nothing to hide. They knew the height of the spire in Salisbury Cathedral. How would they know that if they hadn’t been there?”

It’s understood that the pair will now appear at next year’s Edinburgh Fringe.