Members of the VAR officials team for the Russia V Spain game have been speaking of their joy at being reunited with their families again.

The reunification comes just days after the VAR wives and girlfriends (VAG) disappeared whilst out sightseeing on Friday.
The Russian FA refused to comment on accusations that they were kidnapped pending the result of the game. A Russian FA spokesman seemed to blame the Catalan separatists for the disappearance.
The spokesman said, “Nobody can say this was the actions of the Russian FA. Those men, who I do not know were wearing ski masks. It could be Catalan extremists. This could be a statement to the Spanish Government. There is no proof it is Russia.”
VAR official Bjorn Kuipers told us, “At the end it was raining. The rain was like the tears of my child and my wife. The roar of the crowd was like their screams. I did this for them.”
A spokesman for the Russian Interior Ministry told us, “It is entirely false to accuse Russia of this. Vladimir Putin secured the release of the prisoners himself. That is why he wasn’t at the game today. He was in an intense negotiation with the captors for the last 48 hours.”
The minister denied that the negotiations were so intense that Putin was forced to strip to a micro thong in order to impose his masculinity on the situation.
It’s understood that the winners of the Denmark and Croatia match later today will receive a guided tour of the Kremlin with their families. The tour will take place next Friday.