Television viewers were left cringing tonight by one of the contestants on hit TV show Love Island.

Valerie Still said, “It was awful. They each had to pick somebody in the villa and write a romantic poem for them. The one from Rochdale had to change that poor girls name to Emma Lloyd so that he could make his poem rhyme. Even then it was about two lines long and the worst poem I’ve ever heard. I felt so bad for her.”

The show saw the Rochdale “legend” recite the poem, Emma, to 22 year old model Bryony Taylor. He started off, “Emma Lloyd oh Emma Lloyd; Your hair is like the dew; It hurts like having Haemorrhoids; When I sit and think of you.”

At this point viewers were screaming at the screen but it was the teenager’s boasts that got people really riled up. “He says he’s a top model but thinks that Les Alpine is a bloke who skied for Britain in the Winter Olympics and not a fashion label.” Said one exasperated viewer.

Another flabbergasted viewer said, “Can you believe that he pretended he was actually from Bolton because he thinks it’s classier than Rochdale.”

The teenager also pretended to be knowledgeable about food and wine but failed a to spot turkey twizzlers during a blind test.

One contestant called his bluff though when he said he was a world renowned musician however his cover was blown when he thought Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape was a French house band

It’s understood that the teenager will likely be voted out this week or failing that, sacrificed to Ken Barlow.