Russian journalist, Arkady Babchenko, who was believed to have been murdered has turned up alive and announced he will be replacing Andrew Lincoln in, The Walking Dead.

It was announced that the journalist had received gunshot wounds after he tripped over some stairs whilst on his way home to his wife the other day. There were allegations that the elements of the Russian Government were behind the murder however, this has since turned out to be false.

A Director for The Walking Dead, Bill Board said, “It’s an incredible opportunity to use someone who has been dead in the show. It’ll be great as we need to replace Andrew. Arkady is much more animated than an actual corpse. This gives us the possibility to really get to know a zombie and really humanise them for the audience. It’s going to be great. It’ll be just the sort of thing that the Arkady can get his teeth into.”

During a press conference Arkady refused to comment on his next role. He did explain that he was so very sorry to his wife. He tolde her, “Olechka, I’m terribly sorry.” Coincidentally this is also going to be the title of his autobiography that will hit the shelves in time for Christmas.

It’s alleged that screenwriters are of the firm belief that Mr Babchenko’s experience as a Russian dissident critical of the Putin regime is the perfect preparation for playing the part of a man being hunted down by omnipotent evil beings. One told us, “Forget De Niro and putting on weight to get a part. This guy actually pretended to be dead. I don’t see De Niro doing that.”

It’s not yet clear when filming will start and producers said there is no truth to the Rochdale Herald report that the next series of The Walking Dead will be filmed in a branch of Asda in Burnley.