The blank screen caused by technical difficulties during Britain’s Got Talent is now firm favourite to win.

Bookies are giving the screen more favourable odds than the man who invaded the stage the other night and several song and dance acts.

Viewers were delighted after a blank screen was shown for several minutes and it received the most votes.

A spokesperson for the show said, “We struggled to get the live broadcast back as soon as possible but the ratings seemed to be going through the roof during the time we were off air. We’re going to try the same thing for the next show.”

Viewer Kev Kevington said, “I loved it. Best thing on that show in years. It beat that dancing dog the other year and was miles better than Susan Boyle. In fact, they should make it the judge. I’m sure the Queen or whoever will love it.”

Several viewers went online to say how much better than Ant and Dec the blank screen was. One man, Mr Donald Trump even likened it to being better than his wedding day.

Vicky Henderson commented, “That blank screen was so fit. They should put it into Coronation Street. I’d tune in every week then. It could be a major part of some new dark storylines.”

It’s alleged that should the blank screen carry on being so popular then ITV will find other programmes for it to appear in. Some have even suggested that huge parts of Love Island could be improved with the addition of a blank screen for several hours set to improve viewer experience of the show.