In the current heat wave the RSPCA has urged pet owners to undertake special precautionary measures when traveling with their furry friends this bank holiday weekend.

“In this weather you should not be leaving a pet unattended in a car. When you are travelling with a furry loved one and absolutely have to leave them in the vehicle, leave windows cracked and a bowl of water in the car and ensure you return with in 10 minutes.” said Fred Longbottom of the Rochdale branch of the RSPCA.

“If you intend to leave your animal to cook in the vehicle for longer than ten minutes, make sure you season them with salt, pepper and chopped garlic, for the fullest flavour”
he continued;

“Always remember, in this hot weather a dog in a hot car can die in under an hour. Give it another hour and half, the meat will slide right off the bone.”

Don’t be a dickhead and look after your pets.

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