The world of sport was outraged yesterday when Team USA was accused of cheating at the Rock, Paper, Scissors Test Match.

If the result stands, the outcome could be devastating for the home side.

The bi-annual test matches have seen some very close contests over the years but, historically, they have always been played in the best spirit and traditions of the game. As with the recent cricket spectacle of the Aussie’s being caught cheating, yesterday’s events stunned the sporting world.

With the huge stakes on offer the global success of International Rock, Paper, Scissors draws in regular TV audiences of twos if not threes of people. Some of the biggest players in the game manage to make enough money to allow them to live in Burnley or even Hull.

Team GB maintain that Team USA used a special lubricant which allowed them to make their chosen hand shape quicker. This split second advantage meant they could see their opponents actions, first, and choose accordingly.

Initially the American Captain, Captain America, tried to deny there was anything improper in his team’s trousers, however the video replays and the Specsaver Speed Gun showed otherwise.

Following the public outcry over the incident, questions were asked in parliament.

The Prime Minister declared that ‘it’s just not cricket’ and added that ‘as soon as we work out how this was Jeremy Corbyn’s fault we will let the public know.’

This year the UK and the USA were playing for the highest stakes, with the loser getting custody of Piers Morgan, James Corden and Nigel Farage.

Following the disputed outcome the case has been referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. If found guilty the Americans will forfeit the match and can expect to keep the so called “Three Amigos”  indefinitely.