There were ugly scenes this morning after a motorist lost his temper having been stuck on a motorway in a major tailback for 15 hours despite numerous warnings not to travel.

Cars and lorries can be seen nose to tail as far as the eye can see across Britain’s main travel routes because of the hazardous conditions.

Infuriated driver Keith Alcock from Rochdale is up in arms about the situation telling us; “it’s absolutely ridiculous out here, don’t people listen to the news? I set off at 8pm last night and I’ve moved about half a mile in 12 hours. It clearly said do not travel and yet here I am stuck behind thousands of bloody idiots who are travelling and holding me up”

Another angry car driver told us “are people fookin thick or what? It’s clearly too dangerous to drive it’s been all over the news on every radio station and yet I can get anywhere in my car because the roads are full of dingbats stuck in the snow.”

The red weather warning is expected to stay in place for most of today so please set off way earlier then you need to as nobody is listening and it’s chaos out there folks.

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