Rochdale – The leader of Rochdale Borough Council, Councillor Allen Brett, has reassured residents of the town that they won’t be affected by the ongoing US Government shutdown on the basis that “we’re not actually part of America”.

A statement released by the Council explained that after “detailed and exhaustive investigation” it was discovered that Rochdale in Lancashire is “neither geographically nor politically affiliated with the United States of America”. Consequently the US Government shutdown, caused by the failure of Congress to pass a new budget, won’t apply to Rochdale which is “doubtless a great relief to many”.

Rochdale residents have largely welcomed the news that they won’t be affected by the shutdown.

Steve Parker, a 53 year-old lorry driver, noted that he is “delighted” that local services will continue to run as “I left my towel in the public swimming baths and was worried I wouldn’t be able to collect it”.

However estate agent Alison Gleeson described herself as “irritated” by the decision, on the basis that “I was counting on a Government shutdown to avoid a library fine”.

Rochdale Council’s statement was confirmed during a White House press conference by press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Addressing the Rochdale question at length Sanders noted that the British town “absolutely will not be covered by the shutdown” and blamed rumours that it would be on “the dishonest fake news media”.