In the increasing farrago that surrounds Sheffield City Council’s efforts to denude the streets of lush, green, oxygen-providing, shade-giving trees – in the quest for straight kerbstones – the Council has resorted to issuing injunctions.

The injunctions against 17 law-abiding, peaceful, Council Tax payers are an effort to stop them doing things that the CPS and South Yorkshire Police have stated will never lead to prosecution.  It is interesting to note that all previous charges against campaigners have been dropped on the grounds of silliness.


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Apparently, one of the Council injunctions has even been issued against a Councillor, Ms Alyson Ideal. The Council spokesman responsible for the contract to assassinate the trees, Mr Drying Blotch said,

“Despite our best efforts to distort the truth and abrogate our responsibilities, these people seem insistent on blocking the felling programme.  It is absolutely vital we proceed with this programme or we will look like a pack of utter tools.

“By opposing us and carrying out the wishes of her constituents, Councillor Ideal makes a mockery of the Council’s fundamental status as a Stalinist cabal.

“It is expected that Ms Ideal will face a committee on standards of behaviour, which may decide her future as a Councillor.”

Unbelievably the chairman of this committee is none other than Councillor Blotch. He is reported to have commented,

“I see no conflict of interest and nor do the seven kangaroos who will make up the rest of the panel.”