Residents of Burnley moved one step closer to a life lived in colour this week.

The Rochdale Herald recently reported Burnley Council’s plans to allow colour to be available to its residents for the first time.

In recent developments, the council’s international trade team have announced that they intend swap Stayleybridge for Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum.

The Forum, meeting to discuss the #Future of Work, is likely to give the struggling town up to £100 to fund much needed research into new pie recipes.

With residents expected to forgo their annual trip to Ramsbottom to feast upon short crust delicacies, the council hopes to fund a new shade of grey through a windfall pie tax.

Residents remain more than a little sceptical. Albert Slowbottom, 19, told the Herald “There are fat cats in this town, the council should tax them instead”.

We have contacted The West Burnley Cat Society ( but they have yet to return our calls.