Donald Trump is to collaborate with daughter Ivanka to produce a new range of perfumes.

The first daughter said “This new range reflects the important things in my father’s life and reflect his passions and achievements.”

The first products in line for release are described as ‘signature fragrances for men’.

Three lines are available, ‘Projet de Manhattan ‘ ; ‘Oppenheimer for Men’; and a third originally called ‘Obsession pour Armageddon ‘ which has been changed to ‘Demise de Nagasaki’ following a successful lawsuit from Calvin Klein.

The press release from Pentagon Presidential Perfumes reads “These new men’s colognes begin with a nuclear blast of hastily evacuated musks, followed by a mushroom cloud of ‘Cochon brulee’ notes ending in a protracted fallout of hibiscus.”

Lines for women are expected to be added for the 2019 season and will be called ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ and ‘Enola Gay’.
The women’s range will sit alongside the soon to be introduced ‘Princess Diana’ (marketing line ‘For the woman I coulda nailed easily’) and ‘Saisi par la Chatte’ (marketing line ‘For women who will let me’).

Our fashion correspondent Tamsin Civette from our colour supplement pages ‘The Heraldess’ has tested the third ladies’ scent ‘Covfefe Pour Elle’.

She reports “This unintelligible perfume bursts out of the bottle like a malodorous banshee. The overall smell is what I imagine a Stegosaurus smelled like.”