As weather experts issue yet another ice warning the people of the North West have told The Rochdale Herald that they actually don’t give a shit.

A yellow weather alert warning of icy conditions from 5pm on Friday until 11am on Saturday morning has been met by shrugs of indifference from people across the north west.

Areas to the north and east of the region are expected to be hardest hit this weekend with temperatures expected to plunge to perhaps one or maybe even two degrees below zero tonight, which could cause ice to form on untreated surfaces and might mean that you have to scrape the car windscreen in the morning.

A statement on the Met Office website said: “Ice will be a hazard in places on Friday evening and Saturday morning. It will be another chilly night tonight, with temperatures below freezing again. Showers will be wintry over higher ground.”

A statement from Steve Dickinson of Rochdale said: “Really? Wintry showers? In winter? No shit Sherlock.”

Margret Abernathy of Oldham was rushed to hospital this morning when, having seen the “warning” in the Daily Express, she rolled her eyes so far she actually dislocated them.