Rumours are rife about the quite tall, big-faced singing star after he has “fessed up” to not dancing on ceilings.

The 80’s porkie-pie uttering singer has told reporters “Look, i just made it up for a song” he carried on, amid gasps from a packed press conference.

“It just seemed to fit the song and the beat really well. I just thought people would like it. I never meant to cause anyone any pain or mislead”.

When pushed about having danced on any other ceilings, Richie’s “team” finished the press conference and put a coat over the vile monsters head before bundling him into a limo.

We contacted the painter and decorator of lying scumbag, Lionel Richie, who confirmed our suspicions about the fibbing toe-rag pop star.

He told us “I’ve been painting Lionel’s house for years. Not once have i seen any footprints on his ceiling.

I’ve destroyed all the records I own by him and I took a sneaky shit in his fridge.”

The web of deceit goes even deeper into a dark abyss of lies and untruths when an “insider” told us that the filthy lie-rat cheat monster doesn’t even use the term “Hello” but goes with the more casual “Hi”.