As the services for various popular companies comes into question, with Uber and Ryanair being prime examples, Royal Mail has promised not to let their down customers this coming festive season.

With the C word fast approaching and making the rounds far too early once again, the delivery service wanted to assure the public they were prepared for the busiest time of the year for them.

Christmas always sees an increase in the amount of post and letters sent, with Royal Mail inexplicably and consistently failing to provide the service promised. This year, they are taking a different approach, in order to lower expectations and hopefully reduce the number of complaints.

We spoke to representative for the group, Pat Medown to learn exactly how they were planning to cope this winter. Pat told us; “Every year, we make outrageous statements, like we will cope with the massive influx of post and actually prepare properly. This year, we are not making that mistake; we want the public to know that we will guarantee the same high levels of disappointment we deliver year-in, year-out. The incompetence of our Management to properly prepare for the expected increase in business will, as expected, provide many, many items to be received late. However, this time we are making the pledge to let our customers down to the same level as always. We know we are terrible.”

A refreshingly honest show of accountability from our unfriendly local messenger is believed to have left people feeling ambivalent. Historically, the average citizen has enjoyed being blatantly lied to by the Royal Mail, despite knowing they will fail.

Now we have to cope with companies being truthful, may lead to mass confusion when the extra level of disappointment does not arrive. How will the UK cope? We will keep you posted.